Dear Martha (from Come Here Frontier)

Questions for a Fault (from Everyone is Elsewhere)

Questions for Future Ghosts and Better Aliens

Lands of Honey (from Landslip)

“Landslip” / Front Ed. 3 Rubies / 2013

‘Processing the Moment of Cultural Mashup’/ Dance Discourse Proj. #13 / 2012

‘Moving Makes a Map’ / Media Fields Journal #3 / 2011



An interview by Omer Gal for HATCHBEAT 2014
here’s a video!

“Rolling on the Floor: an interview with Renée Rhodes” / by Jeffrey Songco / Bad at Sports / 2013

Practicing for When We Need Each Other More: an Interview with Renée Rhodes / by Joey Veltkamp / Best Of : A Northwest Centric Art Blog / 2009