Geopathic Tendencies

Sand is skin, a meshy pourous place that buffers the land from the big energies of sea and wind — a skin that protects it’s body through flexibility, movement, and breath.

Geopathic Tendencies explores embodied rituals of disappearance & becoming, which aim to promote a sense of equality between my own body and geological systems. These videos were made in relation to a study of San Francisco’s geological sand cycle which spans from the high Sierra to the Pacific Ocean over millions of years. This project explores the longview of this geological cycle, newly interrupted as it is, by sand mining, dams, the control of agricultural irrigation systems, concrete production & the demands of the built environment.

Through embodiment, mimicry, and playful costuming I aim to tell stories about geological empathy and companionship with my geological home-place.

This project also consists of a book (Sand Story) and a traveling multimedia public Souvenir Stand (for Ocean Beach, SF.) The stand includes free souvenirs memorializing this geological homeland.