Incorporations II

Incorporations is a series of video works which utilize specifically printed fabrics, measured movements and photographic tricks to create place-based camouflage. Camouflage is about mimicry and mimicry is often about survival, in one way or another. Usually, I take camouflage to mean survival by hiding – hiding in a clothing which enables laying in wait for a moment of attack or escape. What if, instead, my camouflaged mimicry encourages survival via empathy with the non-human members of my neighborhood? I practice an empathy of blending, becoming and disappearing into the landscape around me. 

The mimetic tools I have are digital, are photographic, have to do with imagistic illusion. I do not have special spots on my fur to blend me into my granite home, my skin cannot chameleon. My mimicry is digital and inhabits multiple levels of mediation at once because that is the kind of animal I am. That is the sort of behavior I bring to this ecosystem.

Despite the shortcomings and humor inherent to my tools and tactics, this work is rooted in the sincerity of the attempt. It reveals my yearning for embodied closeness with mountains – however unattainable.

Incorporations II thinks about place-based camouflage, geologic time, and incorporating the body into landscapes via human tools like choreography & digitally printed costumes. The videos are mimetic experiments with scrubby hills, geological processes and coastal serpentine cliffs.