head of clouds collective seminar #1 =
We are going to send the energy all around us together, from the top to the bottom, from the air to the ground. We’re as scattered particles becoming gathered matter. Here, we will show you, there are tools that can help us organize our endlessly desiring desires; a portable portal to a newly discovered sort of universe, a perpetual motion pendulum powered pragmatically by an available excess of longing, a collective nap session for sleeping off desire’s most chaotic parts, collective deflations and breathholding rituals. Stick with us. We’re looking-longing to get it together, heads out of clouds, pragmatic power points, to leave behind our scattered lightness and ever-accelerating speeds. We will figure it out – it’s a seminar for our ever yearning souls.

HOCCS is an ongoing performance by Mie Hørlyk Mogensen and Renée Rhodes