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When I was young they told me that the internet was a spaceship. I never wanted to be a cartographer – but maybe that’s what you become to fight lost feelings.

I woke to find myself surrounded by piles of words about the river and the hills, and about lost landscapes as remembered by strangers, and also about glaciers that I’ll never see in real life. The words transform and become a line, which becomes a path to run along, upon a map. Later, the map becomes something for a body to perform. Its about translation.

But its not just that – its also about wondering “where are all the others,” because I never wanted to go on expeditions all by myself.

There are things to practice – like looking some one in the eye, or all 20 of us moving due north while maintaining the shape of a triangle, or that pause can be greater than an endless sprinting future, or remembering topographies by tracing them onto the palm of your hand. Mostly these games appear futile…but I think they’re really not.