Of Future Ghosts & Better Aliens



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Of Future Ghosts & Better Aliens is a series of social games, stories, workshops and performative experiments for embodying old time-y utopian structures as they converge with contemporary visions of community. We get eye to eye, visualize void memories, learn to love the landslide, host utopian action practice on rooftops and while rolling down dune-sides, auras burst, eyes soft focus. Idealist histories archived…undecided futures visualized.

Also, Of Future Ghosts & Better Aliens is not done yet and maybe it will never quite be. I think that is part of it because during the great depression there used to be a commune in the sand dunes in Oceano, California. Everyday the sand drifted over rooftops and digging one’s house out of the changing landscape was a daily chore. “Change as Flexibility Demands!” the people of the commune said. This seemed like a good way way to reclaim the capitalistic trauma of instability and change during the Great Depression.

What does it mean to always change, to be in a constant state of evolution, for invention to be the most valued thing, to be an artist in an ephemeral economy of services and experiences, to let guilt guide the way, to put my body anywhere and call it home-ish (because endlessly mobile access is my truest homeland), to desire to be alone together or to desire to be together alone.

So far, to date this project has included…

Landslip at Performance Studies International #19 (Stanford)
Conversation 1 / Support Structures in Cork, Ireland @ Guesthouse Residency Program
Escape Village at the Northern California Performance Platform (San Francisco Art Institute) 
Landslip writings which were included as performance texts and also in FRONT Journal ED. 2 (PDX)


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some questions I keep asking are….
* how can I make stories and images that embed the memory of historic idealisms and ideologies into modern day bodies?
*how did it happen that (internet based)technologies spun off of some branch of the 60s California counter culture and went from an idealistic tool to the complex system of power that it is today ?
* why is belonging such a complex process? what does it mean to belong?
* the new aliens! beyond nostalgic re-enactment – what should this escape village look like…what kind of lifestyle could even be countercultural at this point?
* what about exhaustion? I’m supposed to change as flexibility demands and its always so very demanding. Are there maybe any exercises I can do to get ahead of my exhaustion?
* also how can I use the imagery of collectivism and participation to tell a story and to learn – I am approaching these experiments with the humility of theatre (ie/ I am not a social engineer designing solutions for the future)…this is a mirror, a reflection, a story