Everyone Is Elsewhere

Everyone is Elsewhere is a performance for 1 person at a time that happens all along a walk in the rapidly gentrifying mid-market neighborhood of San Francisco. We share conversation and ask questions about pioneers and tourists. I do fault line folk dances for anti-tourism and getting deep into a place. We wander amidst tour books in the library and map the memories of places we used to belong to upon the palms of each other’s hands. I dance in the alleyway behind Twitter (new neighbors in SF 2014). The security guard watches me everyday now. I am not allowed to stay on the sidewalk, so I go into the street where the big commuter buses pass me like giant whales every day at 6:17pm. In the street we’re intruders standing next to a man who is snoring in a cardboard lean-to. In the street we are looking for future planets. The circling of my hips, a conjuring of future space, that we promise to pioneer more gently. The circling of my hips an absurd gesture out of place.













scores & ephemera here